Component of Economizer

Economizer has a role as a heat exchanger to increase temperature of feedwater before to be supplied into steam drum. Economizer consists of similar component with other heat exchanger but on the certain parts has different task and function. The following below are the component of economizer

-          Shell, is one of parts in economizer which be like a house for tubes and header. Between tubes and header, there are fluids that can receive and release heat in accordance with occurred mechanism.

-          Tubes, is the most important component of economizer in the process of heat transfer. Fluids flow both inside and outside tube. The flowing fluid has different capacity, temperature, density and pressure. Position of tube must be maintained to prevent vibration, so on certain design, tubes is supported with baffle. Tube should also be able to transfer heat between the fluids inside tube and outside tubes.

Determination material of tube should follow these requirements; tube should have capability to transfer high heat, has resistance to heat, corrosion, and erosion and has well other properties. Capability to receive and release heat is also affected by amount of surface area.

-          Baffle, is one of component in economizer that has some roles such as to support tube and maintain its position, baffle also has function to prevent vibration on the tube and control and direct the flow of fluid outside tubes.

Baffle can be classified based on construction as follow: segment baffle, rod baffle, horizontal baffle and impingement baffle. These types of baffle are usually used independently but in the special needs, one type and other type can be combined.

-          Header, is the component of economizer as a water collector and distribute water to each tubes evenly. Header has two types; upper header and lower header. Tubes are connected into header, so header has size and mount of hole in accordance with tubes condition.

-          Tie rods and spacer, are one of part economizer to maintain position one baffle and other baffle so vibration can be prevented.

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