Fouling Factor in Heat Exchanger

Fouling Factor in Heat Exchanger greatly influence heat transfer process. This fouling can occur because sediment from flowing fluid. Fouling factor can be also caused by corrosion on components of heat exchanger due to the influence of the fluid type that flows through it.

During the heat exchanger is operated, fouling factor will inevitably occur. The occurrence of this fouling can disturb or affect temperature of fluid flow and can also reduce or affect the overall heat transfer coefficient of fluid.

Several fouling factors in heat exchanger as follow:
-          fluid temperature
-          wall tube temperature
-          velocity of fluid flow

Fouling factor in heat exchanger can be calculated by following equation:

Uc = overall coefficient net of heat transfer
hio = coefficient of heat transfer on outside surface of tube
ho = coefficient of heat transfer fluid on outside tube
Ud = overall coefficient (design) of heat transfer 

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Fouling factors are generally not applied in a plate heat exchanger design. Efficient heat exchange is especially important with certain electrochemical processes, where temperature control can dictate the outcome of life-and death situations. Thanks a lot...