Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Components

Shell and tube heat exchanger type is the heat exchanger type that is most widely used in oil and gas industries. This device consists of a shell in which there are some tube bundles which has relatively small diameter. One type of fluid flows inside tubes while the other fluid flow on outside tubes but still in the shell. In addition, this type has a lot of parts or components. Shell and tube heat exchanger components are shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1: Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Components

  1. Channel fixed tip
  2. Hat fixed tip
  3. Channel fixed tip
  4. Channel cover
  5. Stationary head nozzles
  6. Stationary tubes sheet
  7. Tubes
  8. Shell
  9. Shell Cover
  10. Stationary shell flange head end
  11. Shell flange - Rear Head End
  12. Shell Nozzle
  13. Shell cover flange
  14. Expansion Joint
  15. Floating Head Cover
  16. Floating Head Cover
  17. Floating Head Flange
  18. Head Floating Backing Device
  19. Split Ring Shear
  20. Slip - on backing flange
  21. Floating Head Cover
  22. Floating Tube Sheet Skirt
  23. Packing box flange
  24. Packing
  25. Packing follower ring
  26. Lantern Ring
  27. Tie Rod and Spacer
  28. Transverse baffles or Support Plate
  29. Impingement baffles
  30. Longitudinal baffles
  31. Pass partition
  32. Vent Connection
  33. Connection

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