Economizer as Supporting Instrument in Steam Boiler

Economizer has similar function with deaerator as supporting instrument in steam boiler, though only enhancements, the usefulness of economizer can make working process of steam boiler will be more efficient. Where we know the burning water in economizer is only utilizing exhaust gases from combustion in the boiler by not adding fuel to heat water in it. It is not only deaerator and economizer alone that working as supporting heater, but many other heaters can also be used in an industrial system that can convert the water into steam in the power plant.
Figure 1: Graph the Using of Economizer

The graph above shows the advantages and disadvantages of using the economizer for preheating. Clearly seen without using a boiler economizer so work efficiency of steam boiler will decrease, in the sense that without heating which is assisted by the economizer, the boiler must work longer in the production of steam and in addition boiler will require more fuel to reach the hot temperature steam that has been determined. In addition, if the boiler still forced to work much more quickly it will damage the tubes within the boiler itself. Once this occurs then a plant will experience huge losses in the boiler operation because the use of too much fuel and the resistance of a tool will quickly decline and need to replace equipment.

However, if a boiler using the economizer and some other auxiliary heater to heating water in the heating process before it burned, it will further enhance the work efficiency of the boiler itself, because the water temperature before being burned in the boiler is already quite high, it means that heating water into steam inside the boiler does not take long time and do not use that much fuel to achieve a predetermined standard temperature. Furthermore the operating costs can be more efficient and can indirectly benefit to power plant performance. Besides maintenance or maintenance of equipment or replacement equipment can be carried out much longer.

It is apparent that by using a boiler economizer can increase the capacity of boiler and can also make efficient in the process of combustion, convert water into steam in the boiler, so it will doing more fuel savings far enough difference if compared to the boilers which running without economizer.

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