Classification of Maintenance Steam Boiler

Maintenance is required to perform and maintain steam boiler in good condition. Maintenance can be classified into two types as the following:

1.      The routine and preventive maintenance
The routine and preventive maintenance is maintenance that be made periodically whether daily, monthly and annually. This maintenance is made before equipments of steam boiler damaged, so equipments can work continuously and ready for use any time. The life of steam boiler equipment can be long life and in excellent condition for the best efficiency, safety and reliability if maintenance is well controlled. This maintenance may include cleaning pressure part, draining header, check equipments like valve and the others, burner maintenance, check water level in the steam drum, flame safeguard, refractory, condensate equipment and the like. 

2.      The forced maintenance
The forced maintenance is maintenance that be made if there is equipment of steam boiler damaged suddenly. The cost of forced maintenance is usually higher than the routine and preventive maintenance. The forced maintenance is commonly caused by overloading of fuel which be burned in the furnace, so steam boiler working extra that could cause the steam boiler to be fatigue and over heat; there are too much slag attached on surface of pressure part; feedwater entering the steam boiler is not pure, there are still solid particle and oxygen in the feedwater, so steam boiler will contain sludge too much and more corrosive; and improper lubrication in the equipment.

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