Preventive maintenance in Steam Boiler

Preventive maintenance is periodic inspection to detect conditions that may cause production stops or reduce the function of machine or equipment in steam boiler. Preventive maintenance can be combined with other maintenance types to control condition of steam boiler and detect whether the equipment is in good condition or not, so damage can be expected does not occur.

A plan of preventive maintenance requires regular inspection, maintenance and keeping the facilities in good working order so that no damage occurs in the future. Basic works on preventive care are: inspection, lubrication, planning and scheduling, recording, analysis, training for maintenance personnel, and also spare parts storage. Furthermore, all of equipment or machinery in steam boiler plant can avoid damage during operation.

Preventive maintenance in steam boiler can divided in the following actions below:

  1. Alignment: making changes to any of equipment which is specified by variable elements to achieve optimum performance.
  1. Installation: replace the equipment in steam boiler regularly which has limitation usage or the life time of equipment is out to maintain specified level of tolerance.
  1. Servicing: periodic lubrication, filling, cleaning, and so on to any materials of steam boiler to prevent the occurrence of new failure.
  1. Adjustment: make periodic adjustments to certain variables elements to achieve optimum performance.
  1. Testing: testing at regular intervals (periodically) to determine usage and detect damage on electrical or machinery of boiler system.
  1. Calibration: detect and adjust for any differences in accuracy to the material or comparison of parameters for a certain standard.
  1. Inspection: check periodically to certain parts to be used by comparing its physical, machinery, electrical, and other characteristics to certain standard.

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