Maintenance Types in Steam Boiler

Maintenance of steam boiler must be performed to keep quality of boiler and make boiler has long life. Maintenance has some types as following below:

  1. Running Maintenance
Maintenance is performed when the facilities or equipment of steam boiler in working condition. Running maintenance is applied to the equipment which should operate continuously to serve production process.

  1. Routine maintenance
Routine maintenance is maintenance carried out regularly or continuously.

  1. Predictive Maintenance
Predictive maintenance is performed to determine the occurrence of changes or abnormalities in the physical condition and functionality of equipment system in steam boiler. Predictive maintenance is usually done with the help of senses or sophisticated monitoring tools.

  1. Preventive maintenance
Preventive maintenance is maintenance that aims to prevent damage, or the way of maintenance which is planned to do prevention. The scope of preventive work, including inspections, minor repairs, lubrication and adjustment, so that this maintenance can prevent damage in the equipment or machinery of steam boiler during operation.

  1. Corrective Maintenance
Corrective maintenance is maintenance which is performed to improve and enhance the condition of facilities or equipment in steam boiler so as to achieve a standard that can be received. In the repair can be done in such a way improvements, such as making changes or modifications of design in order to get better equipment.

  1. Shutdown Maintenance
Shutdown maintenance is maintenance which is performed during steam boiler is shutdown and all of equipment stops to operate.

  1. Emergency Maintenance
Emergency maintenance is the maintenance must be done immediately because of congestion or damage which is not unexpected.

  1. Breakdown Maintenance
Breakdown maintenance is done when damage occurs to the equipment of steam boiler and to fix it must be prepared spare parts, tools and labor.

  1. Design out Maintenance
Design out Maintenance is to redesign equipment of steam boiler to eliminate the root causes of failure and result in a failure model that no longer or less need of maintenance.

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