Deaerator Instrument

Deaerator is installed in power plant system to treat feedwater as per boiler requirement.  Working principle of deaerator should be known for engineer and operator who have responsibility to design and operate the boiler. Deaerator types should be also known to choose the best deaerator type to be operated to get suitable performance and highest efficiency.

The following below are instruments which are installed in deaerator:
  1. Vent Condensor
Vent condensor steam serves to condense the gases and collect these gases prior to release into the atmosphere. The inside of the vent condenser is made of stainless steel. The gases that have been separated from water go out into atmosphere through the vent. Valve in this pathway must be opened slightly so that the expenditure of gas can be seen with the release of smoke from the vent line.

  1. Tray (barriers)
Tray is installed in deaerator serves as heater, filter and also as a place to expand room of the condensing steam.

  1. Liquid level glass / glass probe
The glass probe is used to determine the level of surface water in deaerator tank. The working principle of this tool is associated with the vessel. Its center line approximately 20 mm and length 300 mm.

  1. Thermometer
The thermometer is placed in storage tanks of the deaerator. The thermometer in the storage tank will be consistent with the operating pressure of steam. If it takes a thermometer can also be added to steam intake path.

  1. Pressure gauge
The reading on the pressure gauge shows amount of steam pressure inside the unit. Pressure gauge is placed on the intake line which is equipped with a steam valve.

  1. Transmitter electro
Transmitter electro has same function as thermometer to measure temperature. But there are differences on the way of reading this instrument.

  1. Control Valve
Control valve is also called the faucet / valve control. This tool is widely used in water pipes and serves to control pressure or flow of fluid. Control valves can be classified into two types, namely analog and digital.

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