Deaerator Working Principle

Feedwater to be supplied into steam boiler should pass deaerator equipment. Deaerator has main functions as follow: to get rid of the gasses contained in feedwater, in this case feedwater had been processed and purified in water treatment plant and has function as initial heater before supplied into steam boiler. Deaerator works based on the nature of oxygen solubility in water decrease with an increase in temperature.

Deaerator consist of two drums where smaller drum is prelimenery heating and exhaust gases from feedwater, while the larger drum is a shelter for feedwater that falls from a smaller drum on it. On the smaller drum contained spray nozzle that serves to spray feedwater into fine droplets of water so the heating process and exhaust gases from feedwater can be performed perfectly.

The main element in determining the success of this process is physical contact between feedwater and the hot steam. Some things that must be considered in the deaerator process are:
-          The pressure in the deaerator
-          The water level in deaerator
-          The amount of condensate water flow
-          The amount of feedwater flow
Figure 1: Deaerator
If the deaerator can not work properly can adversely affect to the quality of feedwater, condensate system and also increase the use of higher chemical in the next process.

To achieve good efficiency of deaerator, there are few things to be noted as follow:
  1. Maintain temperature and pressure as high as possible in accordance with the design
  2. Make sure gases such as oxygen can be discharged out from deaerator.
  3. Perform inspection of the inside of the deaerator to ensure all components are not damaged.

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