Corrective Maintenance in Steam Boiler

Corrective maintenance in steam boiler is one of maintenance types which is performed repeatedly or maintenance which is performed to correct a part (including tuning and repair) which has been stalled to meet an acceptable condition in steam boiler. Corrective maintenance includes minor maintenance repairs, especially for short-term plans, which may arise between the examination, as well as a planned overhaul.

Maintenance re-occurring due to faulty equipment and should be repaired immediately because of an emergency or because it is a priority. Corrective maintenance is usually an unplanned maintenance, actions that require more attention that must be added, integrated, or replace the previously scheduled job.

Therefore, the implementation of planned maintenance that must be considered is to schedule the steam boiler plant operations, maintenance planning, maintenance planning objectives, the factors to consider in planning maintenance work, organizational systems for effective planning, and estimation of work. Thus, corrective maintenance is the most appropriate use of emergency and to reduce engine idle time.

Corrective maintenance in steam boiler has some advantages as the following below:
  1. Provide information for consideration of replacement of machinery in steam boiler.
  1. Provide budget and cost control are reliable.
  1. Improving the efficiency of the equipment and machine in steam boiler.
  1. Reduction of replacement parts, helped control preparations.
  1. Extends time between overhauls.
  1. Increasing use of labor for maintenance and production of boiler.
  1. Raising the availability for the production of boiler.
  1. Reduction of idle time.
  1. Reduction of emergency maintenance.

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