Maintenance Program of Steam Boiler

Steam boiler plant should running well, efficiently and safety. The owner must have plan or program to control maintenance of steam boiler plant to avoid unscheduled shutdown occurs. Regular and routine maintenance can make the steam boiler operates continuously and prevent breakdown which cause high cost for repair and loss profit in production downtime.

Fig.1 : Qualified Personnel Doing
Maintenance Program of Steam Boiler
The maintenance should be done by qualified personnel who familiar with all equipment of steam boiler. The personnel can be engineer, operator, or technician. The personnel must have maintenance program to keep steam boiler from possibility of damage and shutdown suddenly. The program which has been prepared must include the following:

§         Routine maintenance
Routine maintenance is performed daily, weekly, monthly and annually. This program include cleaning pressure part, combustion chamber, etc; draining sludge to continuous and intermittent blowdown; protection from erosion and corrosion, inspection of equipments such us valve, burner, etc.

§         Preventive maintenance
Preventive maintenance is performed to prevent possibilities of accident and anticipate if there are unusual something can be happen. This program includes observation of water level in steam drum; check the supply of fuel and feedwater, check equipment for safety like safety valve, flame detection devices; test and perform all of equipment in steam boiler.

§         Stock of spare part
The owner of steam boiler should have stock of spare part and list it and then to be used if there are emergency repair.

§         Shutdown maintenance
Shutdown maintenance can be down annually to check all parts of steam boiler and replace if there are parts that are not working anymore. Procedure of shutdown should be done properly.

§         Personnel training
The qualified personnel who operate and maintain the steam boiler are absolutely required because they are understand about condition and can make solving problem on steam boiler. So, training boiler should be done to each personnel.

§         Upgrading boiler
Upgrading boiler is an effort who need deep analysis to make steam boiler more efficient and reduce cost for production.


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