Design Spray Desuperheater of Steam Boiler

In steam boiler, desuperheater can be known as attemperator which has function reduce and control temperature of superheated steam. Superheated steam is derived from saturated steam which be heated again through superheater. Temperature of superheated steam must suitable for turbine generator. If temperature of superheated steam is overheated, desuperheater with type spray will sprays amount of water from steam boiler feedwater pump into steam flow to reduce its temperature.

Amount of water will be injected into superheated steam must have high purity, if not it can leave some troubles like deposit on the superheater tubes and can cause erosion on turbine blade. Design spray desuperheater type must include thermal sleve in pipe line desuperheater, to avoid thermal shock by water droplets which are sprayed through the nozzle strike the hot surface of pipe desuperheater.
Fig. 1: Design Spray Desuperheater of Steam Boiler

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