Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

Reliability Centered Maintenance is defined as a process that is used to determine appropriate action to ensure physical asset belong to company can perform its function continuously accordance with desired goal.  The process which is carried out in RCM is by proposing 7 questions to each asset / system which is operated by company.

The seventh question is as follows:
  1. What are functions and performance standards that are owned by asset in running its operation (function)?
  2. What is condition if asset fail to perform its function (failure effect)?
  3. What is the cause of each failure (Failure modes)?
  4. What is the effect when failure occur (failure effect)?
  5. How is consequence problem because of failure (failure consequence)?
  6. What is must to do to predict or prevent failure (Pro-active Task)?
  7. What is the next action if pro-active task cannot give its function (default action)   

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