Steam Turbine De Laval

Steam turbine De-Laval is steam turbine that works with principle of impulse action with axial flow, one level pressure and velocity. Steam turbine has an array motion of blade so all of dropping steam will raise potential energy then be converted by blades propulsion. The rotation which is resulted by steam turbine is very high and maximum electric power that can be generated is 1500 kW, so this turbine is usually used for small scale generator.

The advantageous of this steam turbine are simple construction, low cost for manufacturing process and easy to install. The main disadvantageous of steam turbine De-Laval are small capacity, has low efficiency and the rotation is too high so need transmission gear to get needed rotation to drive electric generator.
Figure 1: Steam Turbine De Laval
1                    = Axis
2                    = Disc
3                    = Blade motion
4                    = Nozzle
5                    = Stator
6                    = Exhaust pipe

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