Steam Quality Parameters

The following below are parameters in determining the quality of steam produced by boiler:

-          The amount of steam which is generated by boilers in accordance with required amount to drive turbine generator. The amount of steam produced is usually in the unit form of Kg/hour or tons/hour. Therefore the heat transfer should be maintained in order to generate expected amount of steam.

-          Steam produced must have required temperature and pressure so as to drive turbine generators. Setting temperature of steam can be done by desuperheater while setting pressure of steam can be performed by relieve valve or safety valve. If the steam pressure and temperature are met then it means that one of the parameters in the determination of steam quality is met.

-          The steam which is produced should be free from air and condensed gases because air and moisture can inhibit heat transfer in steam boiler.

-          Steam which is produced by boilers must be clean; there should be no crust (e.g., corrosion or sediment carbonate) or impurities that can increase the rate of erosion in the pipe, orifice and valve.

-          Steam is produced must be dry or superheated. The presence of water droplets in the steam will reduce the actual enthalpy of evaporation, and will also lead to scaling on the pipe wall and damage to turbine blades.

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