Steam Turbine Curtis

Steam turbine Curtis is steam turbine that works with impulse action principle with axial flow, single pressure of level system and more than one level of velocity. Steam turbine Curtis has lower rotation than steam turbine De Laval and the power generated can reach 4000 kW. Furthermore steam turbine Curtis can be used for generator with middle capacity.

In the steam turbine Curtis, steam is only expanded at nozzle (first fixed blade) then expanded at constant pressure, while in the motion of blade raw does not occur expansion.

However, in reality small pressure drop in blade motion can not be prevented because of friction, turbulent flow and other losses. The advantageous of steam turbine Curtis are simple construction, and easy to operate, but the disadvantageous of steam turbine Curtis is low efficiency.
Figure 1: Curtis Impulse Turbine and Diagram Efficiency
1                    = axis
2                    = disc
3                    = first line of blade motion
4                    = nozzle
5                    = stator
6                    = second line of blade motion
7                    = steering blade

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