Steam Turbine Zoelly/Rateu

Steam turbine Zoelly / Rateu is steam turbine which has working principle impulse action with some levels pressure. Steam pressure dropped gradually in the line of fixed blade only, while in the line of blade motion does not decrease pressure.

The power generated is high power at low speed. Furthermore steam turbine Zoelly / Rateu is suitable for use as a driver of big power generator. The advantage of steam turbine Zoelly / Rateau is high efficiency, while it’s disadvantageous are the construction is more complicated than steam turbine than steam turbine Curtis and steam turbine De Laval and high cost for construction.
Figure 1: Steam Turbine Zoelly / Rateau
1          = space of fresh steam and exhaust steam
2          = nozzle
3          = blade motion
4          = nozzle
5          = blade motion
6          = space of fresh steam and exhaust steam

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