Steam Blow before Start up Boiler

Steam blow is performed before starting up boiler. It is necessary to be executed to eliminate foreign material, scale, and debris remaining in the pressure parts especially for superheater, reheater and piping steam line after construction step. The objective of the elimination is to avoid blockages of the steam filter at the steam turbine inlet and damage to the steam turbine. Steam blow requires the use of extensive temporary piping to allow the discharging steam to be blown safely to atmosphere.

Steam blow process should consider about requirement not only for safety, but also consider other requirement, so procedure of steam blow should be designed well. The following below are requirement of steam blow for safety operation:

§         Remove all of combustible materials in steam piping line boiler area such us paper, rags, wood, etc
§         Install silencer at the end of steam piping line to avoid nuisance disturbance.
§         All of personnel include in steam blow process should be equipped with good communication system to make proper coordination each other.
§         Isolate steam supply with closed stop valve when install target plate.
§         Design good temporary piping and support to resist enough the loading during steam blow. 

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