Requirement Steam Blow

Before perform steam blow, there are some requirements must be provided. Steam boiler process is used to remove debris and scale in superheater and steam line piping. So considering about safety in operation steam blow shall not be forgotten.

Requirement prior to steam blow are the following; feedwater will be supplied to steam boiler must be treated to result demineralized water and shall meet to other water boiler specification. Feedwater availability should be enough to supply boiler. Install all of required instruments such as level indicator, drum pressure indicator, pressure indicator, superheater outlet temperature and feedwater flow rate indicator.

All pins in permanent pipe hangers should be removed, and hangers should be set to correct cold position before steam blow is excetued. All branch lines that are not steam blown shall be isolated. Prior to the firing of boiler, the supervisor will walk down the entire permanent and temporary piping system to ensure that all preparations have been completed and satisfactory.

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