Steam Blow Start up Procedure

The following below is the procedures to start up steam blow:

1. Line piping system which has high temperature must be monitored for proper expansion suitable with design as long as initial warm up.
2. Steam blow is started by running the boiler in the normal manner following the Cold Start-up Procedures and by warming the piping to be blown.
3. The boiler firing rate must be brought up much slower, while all equipment is checked and expansion movements monitored closely
4. The valve bypass lines, start up vents will be open a.long the steam line to be blown.
5. As temperature and flow rates increase, start up drains will be monitored. Plant air can be utilized to blow back any vents that are plugged.
6. Check for steam leaks and any possible expansion problems; repair as necessary
7. Continue to increase temperature and steam flow rate to steam blow conditions for the steam line to be blown.
8. Following blow out parameters shall be logged: Steam flow rate, Superheater outlet pressure, Superheater outlet temperature.
9. Once steam blow conditions have been achieved, a polished brass target shall be inserted into the steam line to be used as a reference. The target will remain in the steam path during blowing period. Upon removal and cooling of the target, the target will be evaluated.

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