Coal Handling Equipment in Steam Boiler

Steam boiler can be distinguished based on fuel classification. One of fuel types is coal. Steam boilers which use coal as its fuel for combustion certainly need equipment for coal handling. The size and capability of coal handling equipment depend on capacity / rating of boiler, amount of required fuel, storage and location area. The big storage area will be advantage when supply coal is delayed to the power plant area. Generally coal storage capability of boiler is designed for 3 months period or longer.

Some of equipments are generally used for coal handling as the following:

1. Bunker and silo
Bunker is the equipment will be made from steel with protective coating (to eliminate abrasion and corrosion) and used for coal storage in steam boiler. Bunker is connected to coal spreader to remove coal form coal bunker to the furnace. Silo is used for reserve storage and made from steel or concrete.

2. Hopper
Hopper is the equipment which use grate to filter oversized coal form truck or car then distribute coal to conveyor system or feeder.

3. Bucket elevator
Bucket elevator is the equipment for lift coal vertically. This equipment consists of bucket, twin chains and endless chain.

4. Coal weighing
Coal weighing is used to measure of weight of coal when it is received first in the hopper. Coal weighing is used to know the quality and the quantity of coal.

5. Feeder
Coal from hopper to bucket elevator is conveyed and managed by feeder.

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