Water Tube Boiler

In water tube boilers, boiler feed water flowing through the tubes into steam drum, water drum and header. Water is heated by gas burners or other fuel combustion to form steam and to be distributed into steam drum. Water tube boiler is selected if its steam and the steam pressure are very high as in the case of boilers for power generation.

Water tube boiler which is very modern designed with steam capacity of 4500-12000 kg / hour, with a very high pressure. Lots of water tube boilers are constructed in a package if used fuel oil and gas. For water tube that uses solid fuel, is not commonly designed package.

Characteristics of water tube boilers are the following below:
-          Forced, induced and balanced draft help to improve combustion efficiency
-          Less tolerant of water quality resulting from water treatment plant.
-          Allows for the higher thermal efficiency.
Figure 1: Water Tube Boiler
(Source: United Nation Environment Program, 2008)

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