Fuel and Ignition System

Steam boiler needs fuel and ignition system to perform combustion in the furnace. Fuel selection and design ignition system is the most important parameter to do firing perfectly. The following is type of fuel and ignition system which must be considered:

1.    Solid fuel such bagasse, coconut shell and wood. It usually uses stoker to carry out the combustion system. The firing process needs perforation and grate to put fuel for combustion. Perforation is used to flow primary air or combustion flow through the slits of grates.

2.    Fuel powder for pulverized coal boiler. The fuel is coal powder that be transported by combination of primary air and secondary air and inject it to furnace.

3.      Liquid fuels such as fuel oil or diesel fuel. Fuel oil and diesel oil need atomize steam or atomize air to split particle of oil or diesel into very small scale to make firing process easily. Atomize steam or air is injected through nozzle gun in the burner system. Combustion use liquid fuel needs some equipment such as atomizer either for air or steam, pressure system to spray oil, steam and air, and heater system to warm up oil to decrease viscosity of oil.

4.      Fuel gas such as natural gas is sprayed into the furnace which is helped by combustion air. Transportation gas fuel need compressor to give pressure in the gas piping.

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