Classification of Furnace Steam Boiler

Furnace of steam boiler is the space in which combustion of fuel take place. Furnace can be classified in many types. The general classifications of furnace steam boiler are as follow:

§         Based on wall construction:
1.      Air cooled refractory setting
2.      Solid refractory setting
3.      Water wall / water cooled

Fig. 1: Furnace Room of Steam Boiler

§         Based on pressure maintained:
1.      Balance draft furnace

2.      Pressurized furnace
3.      Supercharged furnace

§          Based on fuel:
1.      Coal furnace
2.      Oil furnace
3.      Gas furnace
4.      Baggase furnace, etc

§         Based on firing method:
1.      Hand fired furnace
2.      Stoker fired furnace
3.      Pulverized coal fired furnace

§         Based on heat transfer:
1.      Radiation furnace
2.      Convection furnace

§         Based on waste heat recovery:
1.      Recuperative furnace
2.      Regenerative furnace

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