Air System Devices of Steam Boiler

Steam boiler needs auxiliaries and appurtenances to perform it working in good condition efficiently and safely. One of steam boiler’s auxiliaries is air system devices. Air system provide sufficient air in combustion process of steam boiler and as medium heat transfer in pressure parts like water wall tubes, superheater, generating bank, economizer, air heater, and the like.

Air system consists of devices as follow:

  • Force Draft (FD) Fan
  • FD Fan force primary air to furnace steam boiler through burners or grates at pressure above atmospheric pressure (positive pressure).
  • Induced Draft (ID) Fan
  • ID Fan produces induced draft to suck flue gas from the furnace
  • Secondary Air (SA) Fan
  • SA Fan supply air to controls combustion efficiency by supervising how completely the fuel is burned
  • Air Heater
  • Air heater is heat exchanger device to heat air from FD Fan to be supplied to furnace steam boiler to increase efficiency of combustion process
  • Air Compressor
  • Air compressor is a device to press air and as storage of air. This device is used to supply cooling air at peed door or peep hole (an opening used to observes furnace) and supply for energize instrument air.
  • Air Dryer and Filter
  • This is a device to remove water from compressed air and filter solid particulates such as dust.
  • Air Piping & Ducting System
  • Air piping and ducting system is a collection of pipes and ducts which in routing to deliver air in the steam boiler system 

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