Ash Handling Equipment in Stoker Boiler

Ash handling equipment in stoker boiler is one of parts on ash handling system in a power plant unit. Ash is the product of coal combustion in stoker boiler. It should be discharged to maintain well combustion in the furnace.

There are some ash handling equipment are installed in stoker boiler such ash chute hopper, air plenum hopper, ash cooler, ash conveyor, and the equipment of ash handling can be mechanically, hydraulically, and pneumatically.

Bottom ash from the travelling grate is discharged through the ash chute hoppers installed at the end side of travelling grate as shown in Figure 1. The manual sliding damper is installed at each bottom of the air plenum hoppers. The air plenum damper should be opened minimum once per day to exhaust the riddling ash. And opening interval should be adjusted according to the condition of the quantity of riddling ash. Before open the damper, wheelbarrow should be prepared under the damper.
Figure 1: Traveling Grate Ash Handling Equipment

Fly Ash Handling Equipment
Fly ash collected at fly ash hopper at the bottom of tubular air pre-heater and multi cyclone that discharge by butterfly damper and rotary damper accordingly as shown in Figure 2.
Figure 2: Fly Ash Handling Equipment

Fly ash re-injection system
Fly ash from boiler bank hopper and economizer hopper that contains un-burned coal dust is blown in by secondary air fan into the furnace to burn completely as shown in Figure 3.
Figure 3: Fly Ash Re-Injection System

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