Electroventuri System

Flue gas is product of combustion process. Before exhausted to atmosphere flue gas boiler should be treated to filter pollutant particle which cause air pollution. There are some flue gas cleaning methods. One of them is electroventuri system.

The working principle of electroventuri system as shown in Figure 1 below is based on attraction between molecules that are not similar or adhesion force in the opposite type of molecules. Dust particles are given negative charge and collected in water which has positive charge.

Basically electroventuri method is almost same as electrostatic precipitator system, except that this method operates in wet environment. Using electroventuri system will gain efficiency less than 95% while smallest size of dust particle which can be captured is 0.5 ┬ÁC. Application of electroventuri system is applied in cement industries and pulp and paper industries. The disadvantageous of using electroventuri system is this system need large area for its placement.
Figure 1: Electroventuri System

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