Artificial Rain System (Scrubber)

Method of artificial rain system in Figure 1 below is one of flue gas boiler cleaning methods. This method using medium water as filter for waste dust, water used containing certain active chemicals. Flue gas is passed through artificial rain curtain, so the grain of dust is fallen by grains of artificial rain then some dust particle will separate from flue gas flow. Furthermore waste dust is filtered by artificial rain system.

The method of artificial rain system (scrubber) is less effective because only grains of dust which is contacted directly by artificial rain can be separated from flue gas while grains of dust which is not contacted by artificial rain will pass through stack to atmosphere.

The efficiency gained from the method of artificial rain (scrubber) is less than 90% while the size of maximum dust particle obtained is 5 ┬ÁC. The application of this method is used for industrial process that uses fuel with high NOx content. The disadvantageous of this system is this method produces liquid waste which is generated from artificial rain mixed with dust particle. 
Figure 1: Artificial Rain System (Scrubber)

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