Electrostatic Precipitator Parts

The main parts of electrostatic precipitator are a room or passageway containing electrodes in the form of parallel plates, collection of tubes or just inner wall of collector. Distance between one plate to other plate about 0.5 m, air will flow through plate spacing. The plates are acting as electrodes which serve to collect dust particles.
Figure 1: Construction Electrostatic Precipitator Parts
(source: Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc.)

Electrostatic precipitator parts ash shown in Figure 1 above can be mentioned as follow:
  1. Gas Distribution Wall (GDW)
  2. High Voltage Power Supply
  3. Collection of Parallel Plates, consist of:
1.      Support Insulator
2.      Collector Plates
  1. Discharge Electrode
  2. Hammer Beater Plate
  3. Dust hopper
  4. Fly Ash Bin

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