Discharge Electrode in Electrostatic Precipitator

Discharge electrode is one of electrostatic precipitator parts. Function discharge electrode as shown in Figure 1 in electrostatic precipitator unit is giving negative charge on dust particles. Discharge electrode plate is located between two collector plates and it is suspended on a wire mounted on an insulator at the top, and defended his position by providing weight on the bottom. The use of discharge electrode plates are made with rods and both ends are tapered to facilitate the generation of plasma corona. Because volume levels of dust particle which enter always change, then the current flow into electrostatic precipitator will also vary.

Dust particles and other material through plate electrostatic precipitator is medium conductor of electricity flow from positive plate to negative plate, while the insulation material is air around the plate.
Figure 1: Construction of Discharge Electrode in Electrostatic Precipitator

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