Electrostatic Filter Precipitator Work

In a simple Electrostatic filter Precipitator (ESP) working principle, opposite the high voltage (positive and negative) is imposed on the two plates or grids. Negative grid charge particles and positive grid attract (collect) particles. Working principle of electrostatic filter precipitator in Figure 1 can be written sequentially as follow:
  1. Electrodes attached to the exhaust filter provide a negative charge by the plasma generation of corona glow discharge of dust particulates.
  2. Dust particles are negatively charged are then captured on plate slab with a positive charge.
  3. By mechanical vibrations or shocks generated hammer beater plate and dust particles fall and are collected in the hopper (collector) and then disposed to further process.
Figure 1: Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) Working Principle

In the screening process of dust particles by using electrostatic filter precipitator (ESP), dust that passes though plate will experience multi stages as shown in Figure 2. Therefore, the dust particles which are not attached in the first stage will pass through the next stage so can increase efficiency of electrostatic filter precipitator (ESP).
Figure 2: Electrostatic Precipitator Multi Stage (top view)

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