Factors of Steam-Water Separation

There are some factors of steam-water separation which influence the effectiveness of its process. Steam should be separated out of the mixture of steam-water. The factors of steam-water separation process will depend on specific factors either operating factors and design factors.

The following below are the operating factors that influence steam-water separation process:
  1. Amount of water.
  2. Treatment of chemical process in the boiler water.
  3. Load type of steam.
  4. The quantity of steam flow or boiler load.
  5. The operating pressure of steam boiler.

The following below are the design factors that influence steam-water separation process:
  1. Design connections of riser and downcomer to steam drum.
  2. The supply of feedwater.
  3. Design and kind of separators.
  4. The amount of inlet steam.
  5. The steam generation rate.
  6. Diameter of drum and length of drum.
  7. The design pressure of steam boiler.
  8. Arrangement of equipment for discharge steam.
Main equipment for water-steam separation commonly can be mechanical primary separation, baffle assisted separation, and natural gravity driven separation.

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