Homemade Solar Water Heater Design

Before the production process is carried out, the design process of homemade solar water heater must be performed first. This design process includes design two main components of homemade solar water heater systems that is storage water tank and solar collector.  The design of both components is limited to the following:
-          Volume of hot water tank is adjusted to the needs of user.
-          The available area at installation location. The size of total area of homemade solar water heater should be adjusted.
-          Hot water temperature to be achieved.

The limitation of volume water tank is determined from user demand, it can be assumed as 300 liters. Review of user's house is required to determine dimensions of homemade solar water heater system. Design location of homemade solar water heater systems must meet some requirements to make system work properly. These requirements as follows:
-          Solar collectors must be directly facing the sun, not hindered by such buildings and high trees.
-          Solar collector must be placed on position which gets more available of solar energy all day than other position.
Figure 1: Exmple Location of Homemade Solar Water Heater

The placement of homemade solar water heater should consider the requirements above to get good location and maximum results. Homemade solar water heater design should consider limitation of hot water temperature that must be available. The specified range of hot water temperature must be designed between 50-60 ° C with reason:
-          No harm
-          Can be stored as  water bath

These limitations should be met in design process in order for the system can be installed and functioning properly.

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