Bernoulli’s Equation

Bernoulli’s equation is the most fundamental and generally utilized law within fluid flow. Bernoulli’s equation is fundamentally law in energy conservation. It is the total of kinetic/velocity energy and pressure in fluid flow is convertible each other and does not change its value. Mentioned diversely, for a ideal and constant flow of fluid that cannot compressible, the overall energy composed of datum energies, kinetic and pressure, is consistent at every position within the fluid.

p1 + (V12 / 2g) + Z1 = p2 + (V22 / 2g) + Z2


Z = elevation of fluid (m)
V = Velocity of fluid (m/s)
p = pressure head of fluid (m) → pressure head is pressure (kg/m2) which is multiplied with specific volume (m3/kg)

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