Specific Speed Pump

Boiler feed pump has important role to supply feedwater into steam boiler. Many parameters should be considered such as centrifugal pump type, performance pump, capacity pump, specific speed pump, head pump, rotation pump, and so on. Capacity of pump must be calculated based on requirement of boiler water which is needed to supply steam into turbine generator.

Performance of centrifugal pumps (except regenerative turbine generator) is connected to a parameter which is called the specific speed pump. As defined by the Hydraulic Institute, specific speed pump is relationship between capacity, high-press, and the speed at optimum efficiency which classifies the pump impeller with respect to the geometric equation. Specific speed pump is an algebraic number is expressed as:

Ns = N . (Q0.25 / H0.75)

Ns        = specific speed pump (m/min)
N         = rotation pump (rpm)
Q         = pump capacity (m3/min)
H         = total head pump (m) 

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