Centrifugal Pump Classification

Centrifugal Pump Classification

Centrifugal pump can be classified based on some parameters. The following below are the parameters of centrifugal pump classification:

  1. Based on discharge pressure:
Low pressure pump, the operating pressure less than 5 kg/cm2
Medium pressure pump, the operating pressure approximately 50-50 kg/cm2
High pressure pump, the operating pressure higher than 50 kg/cm2

  1. Based on capacity:
Low capacity pump, the capacity less than 20 m3/h
Medium capacity pump, the capacity pump approximately 20-60 m3/h
High capacity pump, the capacity higher than 60 m3/h

  1. Based on direction of exit flow of impeller:
Radial flow pump
Axial flow pump
Mixed flow pump

  1. Based on number of suction
Single suction pump
Double suction pump

  1. Based on shaft position:
Vertical shaft pump
Horizontal shaft pump

  1. Based on number or composition of impeller and level:
Single stage pump, consists of one impeller and one casing.
Multiple stage pump,
Multiple impeller pump, consists of several of impellers which is arranged parallel in a single casing.
Multiple impeller – multiple stage pump, the combination of multiple impeller pump and multiple stage pump. 

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