Centrifugal Pump Curve

Centrifugal pump is one of pump type. it has some classifications based on certain parameter. It is important to know centrifugal pump parts and its function. Furthermore characteristic and working principle of centrifugal pump can be well understood.

Characteristics of centrifugal pumps are a way in which the high tap differential pressure varies with the output at a constant speed. Characteristics of centrifugal pump may also include the efficiency curve and the amount of its brake horse power.

High-capacity curve pressure as shown in Figure 1 below is described as an increase in total high-capacity pressure, where the high pressure pump is able to be raised or decreased. Generally centrifugal pump curve will raise amount of pressure at greatest point where no flow is often regarded as a shut off head.

If a shut off head is less than the maximum amount of the high pressure, the pump becomes unstable and under some conditions can increase the power and speed fluctuations that cause large mechanical vibrations in piping systems.
Figure 1: Centrifugal Pump Curve
(Source: Biro efisiensi energi, 2004)

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