Advantage Fluidized Bed Boiler

Fluidized bed boiler has more some advantageous than other type of boiler such as pulverized coal boiler. The followings below are the characteristic of fluidized bed boiler which has more attractions:

1.      Manage emission of sulfur dioxide efficiently because the temperature of furnace can be maintained uniformly so the non combustible particle can be mixed perfectly. Therefore sulfur dioxide will compound with CaCo3 to be calcium sulfate (CaSO4) and then can be discharged into hopper or bin.

2.      Less emission of NOx than other type of boiler because the combustion temperature is low (800 – 900 C)
3.      Fluidized bed boiler does not have a flame.
4.      Easier to operate fluidized bed boiler
5.      Has more stability operation than pulverized coal boiler.
6.      Eliminate corrosion because fluidized bed boiler generates soft ash which can melt in the furnace temperature relatively low.
7.      Does need pulverizer so the preparation of fuel is simpler and less maintenance.
8.      Need short time to start up the boiler
9.      During start up, fluidized bed can be burnt without oil fuel and can be operated in low load. It is different with pulverized coal boiler.
10.      he owner of power plant has more flexibility to choose fuel for combustion in the fluidized bed boiler with some quality of coal.
11.      Because of low temperature of furnace, the alkali metal in the ash can not be evaporated, so the possibility of fouling is less because it can not be condensed.

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