Heat Loss Because of Radiation

Temperature of steam boiler is always higher (hotter) than temperature of environment. Heat transfer tends to be transferred from higher temperature to lower temperature. In this case, heat transfer occurs by radiation from the steam boiler to its environment. The transfer of heat to the surrounding can be called heat loss because of radiation.

To minimize heat loss, insulation should be installed well. Damage or poor installation will enhance heat loss. The well insulated of water tube boiler which has capacity 5 MW or more, approximately the heat loss occurs between 0.3% - 0.5%. That amount of heat loss is constant even the steam boiler is operated in full load condition or Maximum Continuous Rating (MCR) and in stand by condition, it means that the steam boiler is not produce steam to the plant. Therefore the steam boiler should perform full load condition to increase combustion efficiency.

The boiler operator must cooperate with department of production to perform boiler in full load condition to attaint the highest thermal efficiency. Amount of heat loss because of radiation average is under 1 % and become smaller depending on the steam boiler size and the water cooling increase.

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