Classification Boiler Based on Support

Classification of steam boiler can be seen based on type of support. Designers or engineers have some consideration to determine the type of support will be used in their steam boiler. The following below are explanation about type of supports which is generally used:

1.      Bottom supported
Bottom support is more economical if used in small scale like package boiler and solid fuel fired boiler which has capacity steam until 60 ton per hour. All of pressure parts are assumed as load and the load is supported from bottom.
Fig. 1: Bottom Supported of Steam Boiler
2.      Top supported
All of pressure parts assemblies of steam boiler are supported from top; they are suspended like a church bell. The weight of load and expansion are transferred to the ground. Top supported structure is usually more expensive than bottom supported.
Fig. 2: Top Supported of Steam Boiler

3.      Middle or girdle supported
Steam boiler is supported in some mid point and permit expansion to take place.
Fig. 3: Middle Supported of Steam Boiler

Reference from book “Boiler for Power and Process” by Kumar Rayaprolu

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