Water Heating System

Water heating system is the process to heat water.  Water heating can be performed by two methods; direct water heating system and indirect water heating system. The following below is differences of direct water heating and indirect water heating:

  1. Direct water heating system
One of method to heat water directly is use water heating boiler. Water will be heated by boiler combustion chamber wall and then to be distributed to required point. In addition to the water is distributed directly from boiler, hot water can be also accommodated in the storage tank.

If we use water heating boiler, there are some disadvantages wen can experience such as:
1.      When hot water out from water heating boiler, cold water will enter to replace the lost water mass. This condition will cause the temperature change continuously on the walls of water heating boiler so that it can lead to stress changes in the walls of boiler, and finally will shorten the life of boiler.
2.      If quality of feed water is not good, it will produce crust on the wall boiler.

  1. Indirect water heating system
Water can be heated indirectly by use heat exchanger. Heat exchanger is used as a medium to produce hot water. The efficiency of this system is lower, but the disadvantages of direct water heating system can be overcome.

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