Reverse Osmosis Advantages-Disadvantages

Reverse osmosis system is one of water treatment process. There are 4 steps in reverse osmosis system; pretreatment, giving pressure, membrane separation and stabilization. Reverse osmosis system has some advantages and disadvantages as follow:

  1. Advantages of reverse osmosis system
-          Reverse osmosis process is relatively easy.
-          Low installation costs.
-          Without the non-metallic materials in construction.
-          Energy used to treat brackish water between 1-3 kWh per 1 m3 of product water.
-          Can generate big production capacity ratio, between 25,000 to 60,000 liters per day per m2.
-          Reverse osmosis technologies can be used to remove contaminants either organic or inorganic.
-          Reverse osmosis process does not has any impact to environment.

  1. The following below are disadvantages of reverse osmosis system
-          The membrane is sensitive or not efficient when used excessively.
-          Feed water must be treated first to remove particulates.
-          Operation of reverse osmosis requires materials and tools with high standard of quality.
-          There is a possibility of bacterial growth on the membrane itself

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