Gas Turbines for Power Generation

Gas turbines for power generation has working principal that is started when the air enter into compressor through air inlet. Compressor serves to suck and raise the air pressure and consequently raise the air temperature too.

Then, this air that has compressed enters into the combustion chamber. Fuel is sprayed into combustion chamber so that the fuel is mixed with air and causes the burning process occurs. The combustion process takes place in a state of constant pressure so that it can be said combustion chamber simply to raise the temperature.

Gas from combustion process is supplied to gas turbine through nozzle that serves to direct the flow of gas to turbine blades. Power that is generated by gas turbines is used to rotate compressor and run other loads such as electric generators, etc.  After passing through this turbine, gas will be discharged through the exhaust. At this the cycle of gas turbines for power generation is completed.

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