Electronic Transmitter

Electronic transmitter has similar part with pneumatic transmitter, electronic transmitters also consists of two main parts, namely detector and sender. Figure 1 shows the structure of electronic transmitter.
Figure 1: Electronic Transmitter

The working principle of electronic transmitter is as follows:
-          Trunk twist of detector is connected with the main counterweight of sender, so that the movement of trunk twist generates movement on the main counterweight.
-          The movement of main counterweight change distance between two ferrites from detector to sender.
-          Changed distance between two ferrites produces change in inductance of pick-up coil.
-          Change in pick-up coil inductance produces change in oscillator output.
-       Changes in the oscillator output produces change in electric current value that comes out of transmitter. Thus, changes in process variables are sensed by detector in the flavorings can produces changes in electric current value that comes out of sender. Thus position in which distance changes between two ferrites will be proportional to the change process variables which are sensed by the detector.

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