Boiler Water Specification

The sources of water which is used for boiler water are from sea, river, boreholes, rain, and other water sources. The quality of each water source is not same although using same type; it is influenced by environment in each water sources. Water source from river had been contaminated by people’s activity and industrial activity; therefore it needs to be performed water treatment system.

Boiler water specification must meet the requirement to prevent further problem in operation of boiler. The boiler water must be free from mineral and other impurities that are not desired to reduction of efficiency steam boiler.

Boiler water specification must meet certain prerequisites as described in following below:

PH Condensate          = 8.0 – 9.0
Sulfite residual           = 20 – 50 ppm
Phosphate residual    = 20 – 50 ppm
Iron                             = max 2 ppm
Silica                           = max 150 ppm
T. Hardness               = -
O – Alkalinity            = min 2.5 x SiO2        
M – Alkalinity            = max 800
P – Alkalinity             = -
TDS                            = max 3500 ppm
Conductivity              = max 500 ┬Áhos/cm
PH                               = 10.5 – 11.5 

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