Advantage Gas Fuel for Boiler

There are some fuel classifications; one of them is gas fuel. Almost of gas fuel is from fossil. Using gas as fuel for combustion steam boiler has many advantages. The following below are the advantage using gas fuel in steam boiler:
-          Combustion process using gas fuel does not produce ash and soot, so flue gas velocity through tube gaps can be enlarged, thus the tube gaps can be narrowed and diameter of tubes and dimension of boiler to be used can be smaller.
-          Because of high velocity through the gaps of tubes, the heat can be transferred higher from gas combustion to water.
-          The burner equipment for natural gas can be simpler than use oil or solid fuel because it does not need piping or equipment for heater and atomizer.
-          The combustion process using natural gas can perform more perfectly and does not give bad impact to air pollution than use oil or solid fuel.
-          The lifetime of boiler using natural gas is longer than using oile fuel or solid fuel because natural gas does not contain sulfur (S), natrium (Na) and vanadium (Va) and does not produce soot and ash.
-          Low cost for operation and maintenance.

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