Multi Cyclone in Steam Boiler

There are three type of dust collector; multi cyclone, baghouse, and electric static precipitator. The steam boiler which has stoker type, usually use multi cyclone to collect dust. Dusts from flue gas are separated by centrifugal and gravitation force.

Figure 1: Multi Cyclone in Steam Boiler
Multiple cyclone has some cyclones to separate dust from flue gas. Multi cyclone usually receives flue gas from air heater ducting, collect dust from flue gas flow then distribute flue gas into stack. Top section of cyclone is used for impact effect to flue gas flow, so debris or dust can be filtered and fallen down into hopper. The multi cyclone is connected by two flanges of ducting, outlet and inlet. Flue gas flow hit cyclone and make its flow to be centfrifugal flow. Because of gravitation, dust will fall down into hopper and separation of dust from flue gas happen.

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