Fire Tube Boiler Based on Configuration

Fire tube boiler is one of type boiler which is classified based on tube type. Fire tube it self can be classified based on configuration as Horizontal Fire Tube and Vertical Fire Tube. The following below is its classification:

1.      Vertical Fire Tube Boiler
Figure 1: Vertical Fire Tube
Verictical fire tube consists of a bundle of tubes, pipe, shell and head. The heat from gas combustion flows inside tubes. Combustion chamber and nozzle may be located on the bottom side or middle of boiler. The fire combustion burn in the middle of the shell boiler with a fire hose. Volume water is maintained approximately 80% of theigh of shell.

The most suitable fuel for this boiler is gas because it is cheaper than the price of oil fuel and burn cleaner than diesel fuel. The range capacity of the boiler is between 10-1250 kg/hr and maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) is not more than 1 MPa. It is ideal to use as a small boiler to produce steam, up to 800 kg / hr.

2.      Horizontal Fire Tube
Figure 2: Horizontal Fire Tube
Horizontal fire tube boiler is type of fire tube which is configured as horizontal model (see figure 2). The firing flows inside tube and the water outside tubes. This type can generate evaporation 100-12000 kg/hr and pressures up to 1-2 MPa (150-300 psig). Regarding to the large diameter of the shell boilers, structural support is designed to enough strong to resist load of boiler. If the steam pressure increases, so steam temperature will be higher. The size of this boiler also has a steam capacity between 500-1200 kg/hr and pressures up to 1-2 MPa (150-200psig).

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