Combustion Control Component

Combustion control is performed to control flow of air and fuel to provide requirement of combustion system. Combustion control can influence steam pressure reached and will be signal of percentage of boiler load. Steam boiler can yield highest efficiency of mixing ratio between air and fuel if combustion is controlled well.

Air supplied into steam boiler through some mechanisms; Force Draft (FD) Fan has a role to supply mainly air into furnace, Secondary Air (SA) Fan is used to supply excess air to take care combustion perfectly and ID Fan is used to make pressure in the furnace is negative, so flue gas can flow as designer’s expectation. Each fan should be equipped with damper to control volume of air flow.

Operator has important tasks to control combustion, so the operator should has good understanding and knowledge about steam boiler operation. The followings are the required component to control combustions:

1. Controllers
2. Control Valves
3. Actuators
4. Indicators
5. Transmitters
6. Sensing Elements
7. Dampers
8. Control Drives

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