Classification of Parts in Steam Boiler

Parts in steam boiler can be classified as follow; pressure parts, non pressure part, firing equipment, bought outs inside steam boiler & bought outs outside steam boiler. Pressure parts are parts which are impacted by pressure either from inner or outer parts. Non pressure parts are material in steam boiler which is not influenced by pressure.

Bought outs inside steam boiler are equipments inside steam boiler system which are procured by vendor who has capability to design and manufacture them. Bought outs inside steam boiler are equipments which are located outside steam boiler system but still in the system of power plant and procured by others.

Example of each part can be seen below:

1.      Pressure Parts Boiler
Example: water wall tubes, generating banks tubes, superheater, reheater, downcomer pipe, riser, header, steam drum, water drum, and economizer.

2.      Non Pressure Parts Boiler
Example: overall structure, pipe support, tubular air heater, air ducting, flue gas ducting, casing, rockwool, lagging, refractory, fire brick, insulation, hopper, and coal bunker.

3.      Firing Equipments
Example: burners, stoker, mechanical coal feeder, grating, burner management system, fuel system, and air system

4.      Bought Outs Inside Steam Boiler
Example: Soot blower, fans, rotary air heater, attemperator, valves, fitting and mountings, electrostatic precipitator

5.      Bought Outs Outside Steam Boiler
Example: Deaerator, condenser, HP Heater, LP Heater, Feedwater pumps, air tank, oil tank, cooling tower and so on.

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